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December 2011

The Rectified 24-cell

This is a perspective projection of the rectified 24-cell, a beautiful uniform polychoron from the 24-cell family. It is bounded by 24 cuboctahedra and 24 cubes.

Interestingly enough, due to the coincidence of the 24-cell with the rectified 16-cell, the rectified 24-cell coincides with the cantellated 16-cell.

November 2011

The Truncated 16-cell

This month's polytope is the truncated 16-cell. It is a simple member of the tesseract family of uniform polychora, and the direct 4D analogue of the truncated octahedron. Whereas the truncated octahedron is bounded by 6 squares and 8 hexagons, the truncated 16-cell is bounded by 8 octahedra and 16 truncated tetrahedra.

As a bonus, we have included two animations of the truncated 16-cell rotating through 4D space. Check it out!

October 2011

The Runcitruncated 5-cell

This month's polytope is the runcitruncated 5-cell, another cute member of the sweet and simple 5-cell family of 4D uniform polytopes. It is bounded by 5 truncated tetrahedra and 5 cuboctahedra, with the gaps in-between filled in by triangular prisms and hexagonal prisms. Full Cartesian coordinates are provided for your reference.

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