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March 2012

This month, we have a bonus: two polytopes for the month! Without further ado:

The 3,3-duoprismThe 3,4-duoprism

On the left is the 3,3-duoprism, the Cartesian product of two triangles; and on the right is the 3,4-duoprism, the Cartesian product of a triangle and a square. These two pretty polytopes are members of the infinite duoprism family of uniform polychora. They are seen here in their respective double rotations.

February 2012

The Cantitruncated 5-cell

This is the cantitruncated 5-cell, doing a double-rotation in the WZ and XY planes with two different simultaneous rates of rotation.

The cantitruncated 5-cell is one of the uniform polytopes in the 5-cell family. Its surface consists of 5 truncated tetrahedra, as can be seen clearly in the above animation, 5 truncated octahedra, and 10 triangular prisms.

Find out more about this beautiful polytope at the cantitruncated 5-cell page!

January 2012

Happy New Year! We'll start off the New Year with another member of the wondrously intricate and beautiful 120-cell/600-cell family of uniform polytopes:

The Cantellated 600-cell

This is the cantellated 600-cell, bounded by 120 icosidodecahedra, 600 cuboctahedra, and 720 pentagonal prisms. This beautiful polychoron can be constructed by radially expanding the icosidodecahedral cells of the rectified 120-cell outwards.

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