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June 2012

This month, we're back to the intricately complex 120-cell family of uniform polytopes. The new kid on the block is:

The cantitruncated

This beautiful uniform polychoron is the cantitruncated 600-cell, which is bounded by 120 truncated icosahedra, 600 truncated octahedra, and 720 pentagonal prisms.

As usual, we provide the full Cartesian coordinates for the polytope.

May 2012

For the month of May, the polytope of the month is:

The runcitruncated 24-cell

... the runcitruncated 24-cell, another beautiful uniform polytope from the 24-cell family. Its surface consists of 24 truncated octahedra and 24 rhombicuboctahedra, with the gaps in-between filled in by 96 hexagonal prisms and 96 triangular prisms.

April 2012

The polytope of this month is the rectified tesseract:

The rectified tesseract

This is another member of the tesseractic family of uniform polytopes. It consists of 8 cuboctahedra and 16 tetrahedra.

Be sure to check out its cool animation.

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