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November 2012

This month's polytope of the month is the runcitruncated tesseract:

The runcitruncated tesseract

The pretty polychoron is derived from the truncated tesseract by expanding the truncated cubes outwards radially, and filling in the gaps with octagonal prisms and triangular prisms.

Also be sure to check out a cool 3D stereographic animation of this polytope performing a Clifford double rotation!

October 2012

This month we return to the 120-cell/600-cell family of uniform polychora. Here is a projection of the cantellated 120-cell into 3D:

The cantellated 120-cell

This beautiful polychoron can be constructed by expanding the octahedral cells of the rectified 600-cell outwards radially, and inserting triangular prisms to fill in the gaps. The resulting surface consists of 120 rhombicosidodecahedra, 600 octahedra, and 1200 triangular prisms. We continue using cross-eyed stereogram pairs so that you can enjoy seeing these projections in 3D. As is customary, we provide full Cartesian coordinates for this beauty.

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