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Mar 2018

This month, we continue with our exploration of the so-called ursatopes, a generalization of the tridiminished icosahedron to higher dimensions, by taking a look at the octahedral cousin of last month's Polytope of the Month. This is the octahedral ursachoron:

octahedral ursachoron

This polychoron has a surface with an octahedron, 8 tridiminished icosahedra, 6 square pyramids, and a cuboctahedron. Head on over to the octahedral ursachoron page to learn more about the structure of this interesting CRF polychoron. Its full coordinates are available, as usual.

Feb 2018

Yes, the Polytope of the Month is back! We apologize for the 4-year hiatus. Technical troubles and personal situations made it difficult to keep up with the updates. But we're back, and we're bringing you more CRFs (convex regular-faced polytopes) and other polytopes to look at!

This month, we'll resume updates with a modest, but nonetheless interesting addition: the tetrahedral ursachoron, a cute little 4D CRF polytope that generalizes the tridiminished icosahedron to 4D:

tetrahedral ursachoron

This polychoron's surface has 5 tetrahedra, 4 tridiminished icosahedra (J63), and an octahedron. Head on over to the tetrahedral ursachoron page to learn its structure and how it generalizes J63.

As usual, we give its full Cartesian coordinates.

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